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Raymond Mazza, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Computer Science Dept.


Randy Jones

Second Advisor

Clare Congdon


The movement of graphics and audio programming towards three dimensions is to better simulate the way we experience our world. In this project I looked to use methods for coming closer to such simulation via realistic graphics and sound combined with a natural interface. I did most of my work on a Dell OptiPlex with an 800 MHz Pentium III processor and an NVIDlA GeForce 256 AGP Plus graphics accelerator -high end products in the consumer market as of April 2000. For graphics, I used OpenGL [1], an open·source, multi-platform set of graphics libraries that is relatively easy to use, coded in C . The basic engine I first put together was a system to place objects in a scene and to navigate around the scene in real time. Once I accomplished this, I was able to investigate specific techniques for making parts of a scene more appealing.


Computer graphics, audio programming, three-dimensional virtual world, realistic graphics, natural interface

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