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Susan A. Perry, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. English Dept.




The following is an in-depth study of Eugene O'Neill: his life, his philosophy and his work as a dramatist. It tells of his early life, the various influences upon his thought and work, and his perception of man's place in society. A society from which O'Neill felt inexorably isolated. Although the paper deals with the complete body of O'Neill’s work, particular attention is given to The Hairy Ape and my interpretation of that work. An interpretation reached through a study of O'Neill's life and work, and through my own direction of The Hairy Ape which culminated in performances in February of 1985.


Eugene O'Neill, philosophy, dramatist, perception of man's place in society, The Hairy Ape, Interpretation