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Table of Contents

Sprawl (photograph) by Sara Heilbronner: cover Untitled (photograph) by Anne Vetter: 3
Confessional #192 (poem) by Leah Cole Durst: 4 Space Song (prose) by Cleo Aukland: 5
To My Fledgling Daughter (poem) by Eliza Dunne: 7 Spring Cleaning (print) by Rachel Bird: 8
Shanghai Girl (print) by Simone Leung: 9
Rijeka (photograph) by Yichen Lu: 10
So You Heard It's Paved in Gold (poem) by Eliza Dunne: 11
Spill Me Blue (poem) by Kylie Walters: 12
Untitled (painting) by Danielle Bagley: 13
Hollow Temple, Hollow Bone (prose excerpt) by Esther Mathieu: 14
Since love is a fucking migrating bird, (poem) by Anne Vetter: 15
Untitled (drawing) by Wiley Holton: 17
12 AM - 4 AM: 38.85° North 42.17° West (prose excerpt) by Harper Esty: 18
Nightmare (poem) by Esther Mathieu: 19
Curves (photograph) by Sara Heilbronner: 22
Tucson (poem) by Jess Greenwald: 23
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 24
Memorial (prose) by Olivia Balcos: 25
Veni Vidi Vici (drawing) by Zack Hale: 28
Doctor, (poem) by Leah Cole Durst: 29
Portugal (photograph) by Yichen Lu: 31
Apathetic Environmentalist (poem) by Teddy Simpson: 32
The Visitor (poem) by Marcques Houston: 33 Enteroctopus Magnificus (print) by Rachel Bird: 34 Reflections on My 7th Birthday (prose) by Victoria Cheff: 35
Small Town Sentiment (poem) by Anna Brogan: 37 1:32 AM (photograph) by Jess Greenwald: 38
How To Feel Good (prose excerpt) by Georgia Lubrano: 39
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 40
Jacob Sitting (painting) by Pat Lamon: 41
Pebble (poem) by Molly Wu: 42
A sandstorm, a town mystic (poem) by Anne Vetter: 43 An Individual Story of Adoption (prose) by Lucie Gulino: 44
Horticulture (poem) by Anna Brogan: 49
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 50
Untitled (photograph) by Anne Vetter: 51
What I’ll Never Say To My Father (poem) by Fenie Bernard: 52


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Fall 2016


Colby College


Waterville, Maine, United States



Pequod (Fall 2016)



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