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Pg. 4 - This Is A Story About Love, a short story by Jean Burnet
Pg. 9 - Madrigal, a poem by John Campbell
Pg. 9 - Ode To The Red Island, a poem by Elly Bookman
Pg. 10 - Saginaw, a short story by Sam Morales
Pg. 16 - Waiting For The Last Ferry, a poem by Liz O'Neill
Pg. 16 - Ice Fishing, a poem by Sara Hutchins
Pg. 17 - Blue Hour, a poem by Liz O'Neill
Pg. 18 - Alone On The Deschutes, a poem by Elly Bookman
Pg. 18 - Spitting Crazy, a poem by Mike Barrett
Pg. 19 - I Feel Like Going Home, a short story by Jim Kelly
Pg. 22 - So So So It Goes, a poem by Erica Block
Pg. 23 - Seeds, a short story by Cynthia Anderson-Bauer
Pg. 25 - Brooding, a poem by Mike Barrett
Pg. 25 - To Be Buying Maine Winter Potatoes, a poem by Sara Hutchins
Pg. 25 - Journey, a poem by Hannah Taska
Pg. 28 - Whistlebone Road, a short story by Kat Brzozowski
Pg. 32 - One Final Game At Yankee Stadium, a poem by Erica Block
Pg. 32 - Crab Harbor, Or The Polish Boat, a poem by Laura Gray
Pg. 32 - Choked Fishes, a poem by Hannah Taska
Pg. 33 - To Read The Summer, a short story by Catherine Hawkins
Pg. 39 - Mushroom Stroganoff, a short story by K. McDonough
Pg. 40 - Talking With My Mother's Ex-Lover After He Has Died, a poem by Laura Gray
Pg. 41 - Big Easy Redemption, a short story by Brittany Soderholm
Pg. 46 - I Was Everyone's Man And It Was Too Much To Bear, a poem by Justin Banks
Pg. 46 - Harvest, a poem by John Campbell
Pg. 48 - The House With The Open Door, a short story by Eric McDowell
Pg. 49 - Underground, a short story by Hannah Pulit
Pg. 57 - The Blood Hunter Chronicles: Part 1: Enter The Blood Hunter, a short story by Andy Bolduc
Pg. 58 - The Dead Sailor, a poem by John Wagner


Cover - Detail from Blue Boxes by Brynn Bernheimer
Inside Cover - Indigo by Casey Lynch
Inside Back Cover - Temple by Chris Van Alstyne
Back Cover - Enigma by Chris Van Alstyne
Pg. 9 - Tree by Willa Vogel
Pg. 13 - Travel by Zoe Benezet-Parsons
Pg. 17 - Cow by Anonymous
Pg. 18 - Bars And Trees by Thomas Bollier
Pg. 21 - Mist by Brianna Kondrat
Pg. 22 - Gourd by Brynn Bernheim er
Pg. 26 - Doorway by Kat Brzozowski
Pg. 27 - Scaffold by Willa Vogel
Pg. 30 - Swan Field by Anonymous
Pg. 35 - Burst by Lauren Pongan
Pg. 39 - Sky Scene by Sonia Booth
Pg. 43 - Levin's Marina by Jared Luther
Pg. 47 - Crowd by Christine Friar
Pg. 48 - Shadows by Thomas Bollier
Pg. 51 - Bixler Lot by Jared Luther
Pg. 53 - Calton Hill by Chris Van Alstyne
Pg. 56 - Lovers by Zoe Benezet-Parsons
Pg. 57 - Colt by Jessica Suarez
Pg. 58 - Larry Heat's Last Pint by Kelsey Gibbs


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Spring 2009


Colby College


Waterville, Maine, United States



Pequod (Spring 2009)



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