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40th Anniversary Issue

Table of Contents

1. A World Apart - cover by Brian DiMento
2. Clouds in a Different Light by Brian DiMento
3. Hiding by jean Burnet
4. Le Maghreb by Byron Meinerth
5. After Sitting With Walter Gay's Painting I Realize by Maya Klauber
6. Groceries and Old Crushes by Elly Bookman
7. The Place Aquil Goes by Wes Miller
8. Looking Down by Chris van Alstyne
9. My Neighbor Says The Malady Saps Her Bones by Mesay Melese
10. This is a poem about a man who was a body. by Andreas Marcotty
11. Motion by Julia tuebing
12. On Being Asked (Told) to Write the Eulogy by Paige Clunie
12. Sahara, 8 AM by Kat Brzozowski
14. Poem for Charles Bannan by Tom Myers
15. Gardening with my Mother by Ola Sadanowicz
16. Mighty Mouse by Willa Rose Vogel
17. Untitled by Sasha Aromon
18. Waiting for Ollie Papedield by Kat Brzozowski
19. Salamanca 1 by Morgan Mano.ff
20. Poem in Reaction to a Friend Getting Published by john Campbell
21. Three Ladies by Mike Barrett
22. Gardiner's Bay by Maya Klauber
23. Fog by Chris van Alstyne
24. Cups #3 by Bonny Vanatta
25. Castle Combe by Chris van Alstyne
26. Salamanca 2 by Morgan Manoff
27. Elegy For an Unknown the Morning After the Concert by Charlotte Jobrack
28. Picking Bluberries with Jesus by Tom Myers
29. Camp Days excerpt by Ola Sadanowicz
30. Exiled excerpt by BoBo Wong
31. Don't Be a Pussy excerpt by Nate Lifton
32. And There I Will Be, Along in Thy Name excerpt by Jeffery J Larson
33. Profane/Sacred by Byron Meinerth
34. The Day my Father Died by Brookes Moody
35. Friday Night at the Met by Jamie Poster
36. Parting Gift by Elly Bookman
37. Moth Mercy by Annelise Wiersema
38. Boy with Cart by Morgan Manoff
39. El Contraste by Jessica Suarez
40. French Countryside - back cover by Chris Van Alstyne


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