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2: Exegesis of Genesis, Sasha Swarup-Deuser
3: River Lantern, Charles Frederick
4: Travis, Cindy Meadow
5: I Have a Pious Man, Jordan Levinson
6: The Leader, Mindy Favreau
12: Asylum, Charlotte Cutter
13: Roar Shack, John DeBruicker
14: Surf Music, Bayley Lawrence
15: Untitled, Tammy Lewin
16: Dream I, Charles Frederick
17: The Morning of the Slaughter, Elizabeth O'Neill
18: Missing Momma, Patrick Sanders
19: Claustrophobic Shanghai (excerpt), Chen Zhou
20: Creation 2, Catherine Jensen
22: Manhattan 3 AM - 51st and Avenue of the Americas, Wes Miller
24: look out the bus window way, Meagan Berg
25: Pare Javel-Andre Citroen, Josh Gerber
26: Summer at Squirrel Island, Charles Frederick
27: During the Pointe at Indian Neck, Sasha Swarup-Deuser
28: Outside Tequila Roadhouse, Three Years Ago Now, Liz Stovall
30: American Odyssey, Wes Miller
31: Bicycle, Josh Gerber
32: Para la violeta, Jordan Levinson
33: Bird Bath in Central Park, Amy Weinfurter
34: Fool's Paradise, Charlotte Cutter
35: Staying In, Bayley Lawrence
36: Bougainvillea, Elly Bookman
37: Falang, Kate Braemer
38: Memorial, Charlotte Cutter
39: America, Julia B. C. Germaine


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Fall 2006


Colby College


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Pequod (Fall 2006)



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