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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Chemistry Dept.


Rebecca R. Conry


The synthesis of novel biomimetic molybdenum and tungsten compounds that are potential model complexes for molybdenum and tungsten oxidase enzymes is being pursued. Model complexes such as these provide a better understanding of the basic chemistry of a metal center in an environment similar to that found in particular enzyme active sites. This understanding provides a good starting point for biologists or biochemists studying those biological systems. The first target complex will incorporate a tetradentate-S4 ligand (L) that features two biphenyl-S2 fragments joined by a propyl linker. The second target complex will incorporate a bidentate ligand (L') with a singly alkylated biphenyl-S2 framework. The synthetic strategies to make the protonated ligand precursors LH2 and L'H are discussed in detail along with initial results from a reaction between L'H and a molybdenum(Vl) metal complex.


biomimetic molybdenum, synthesis, tungsten compounds, oxidase enzymes

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Chemistry Commons