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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Biology Dept.


Reid, Evans B.

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George S. Maier


Incubation of bovine kidney homogenates with CdCl or ZnCl2 doubles their renin activity as measured by rat bioassay. It is suggested that the activation of renin by these divalent cations results from their interference with the renin inhibitor system described by Sen et al., (1968). Failure of the inhibitor to reassociate with renin upon removal of cadmium ions by EDTA supports their renin control model. It is suggested that either renin samples prepared directly from tissue without the use of acetone powder preparations contain little phospholipase A or cadmium inactivates phospholipase A. In the absence of active phospholipase A, conversion of preinhibitor to inhibitor does not occur and activation of renin develops as existing inhibitor is dissociated and inactivated.


Renin, Cadmium, Physiological effect

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