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Peter M. Antall, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Biology Dept.




X. campestris pv. vesieatoria (Xcv) Is a bacterial pathogen of tomato and pepper. Xcv is able to infect most tomato lines. causing bacterial spot disease. which can lead to death. A strain of Xcv exists. however. which elicits a resistance response In a particular tomato line. ThIs avirulent strain carries a single locus. the aviru1ence gene avrRxv, whIch specifies the resistance inducing activity. Accordlng to Flor's gene for gene model, a corresponding gene must exist in the resistant plant. Evidence exists for this gene but it has not yet been cloned. In this study, the role ofthe avrRxv gene product has been examined using various techniques. Western blotting and Northern blotting have been employed to study expression ofAvrRxv. Large quantities of a fusion protein were produced using a ?-galactosidase expression vector and used in immunizations to create polyclonal antibodies. Isolation of AvrRxv specific antibodies is underway.


Phytopathogenic bacteria, Plants, Disease and pest resistance, Genetic aspects

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Biology Commons