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Thomas Iacono, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Music Dept.


Peter Ré


In this final report on the aspects of choral and orchestral conducting I will divide the discussion into four areas: 1) Score Reading, 2) Rehearsing, 3) Movement and Beat Patterns, 4) Necessary Traits for the Conductor. This will be a general discussion, in layman's terms, of the work involved, not giving attention to specific details and problems dealt with in specific works. This paper is merely to serve as a sort of journalistic report on my own experience in learning this art. Practial experience involving rehearsals and actually directing a choral or orchestral group was limited during the year of study. However, during January I worked with a choral group of Colby students rehearsing and ultimately performing a program of Negro Songs and Spirituals. This was a time when I was able to apply all the aspects of the above four areas to my study in the way of practical experience.


Conducting, Choral conducting


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