What is your substance, whereof are you made?

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Senior Scholars Paper (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. English Dept.


Elizabeth Sagaser

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Cedric Gael Bryant

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Judy Stone


As an eager an untutored youth I boldly asserted-Iast April-that I would memorize all of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets. One full year later, I have committed a little over 80 sonnets to memory in addition to the lines of the lead role Leontes in "A Winter's Tale." Though I did not internalize all of Shakespeare's sonnets, my Senior Scholar's project has been a triumph an year Iong. In fact, l have not only accomplished the four goals I set out to achieve, but have completed a fifth vital goal, too - sharing and teaching the sonnets to students young and old. First, I memorized 80 of the sonnets so thoroughly, that to this day I can recite on request - and by number - any of the 80 sonnets from memory. Second, I have completed a detailed journal/commentary of the sonnet sequence, based upon close reading, secondary research, and my own understanding of Shakespeare's mind and craft. Third, I have presented Shakespeare's sonnets in a series of different performances throughout the 2001-2002 calendar year culminating in a final performance in which I recited any of the 80 sonnets I had learned on audience request. Fourth, I have completed not one, but two CD's; one that showcases sonnets put to song, and an additional fully produced CD that includes original songs informed by the story and situation 'behind Shakespeare's sonnets. Finally, I have performed sonnets and catalyzed discussion in Colby classrooms, on Colby's WMHB radio station, and in Ms. Fowler's fifth grade classroom at the Albert S. Hail School.


Shakespeare, sonnets, songs


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