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Harvey Joe Hyler, Colby College

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Colby College. English Dept.


E. Savage


Book falls into possibly four natural divisions: 1) background and glimpse of initial environment; introducing the three principal characters and the bonds that tie them together to form a "family group" 2) Love to a second environment in which the protagonist" s growth makes feasible more and varied self-conscious reactions to external stimulants; suggestion of bits of dissension arising between the adult components of the "family group"--suggestions of growing independence and the drawing away of the protagonist as the suggestion of growing dissension continues 3) the protagonist's beginning to question the surface appearances by which he is surrounded, and the building up of inexplicable questions within himself as to the meaning or solutions to these "basic questions, II in which appearance is for the first time pierced and the first glints of the "reality" is perceived-legal dissolution of the' family; sale of the great house in which the protagonist's boyhood has evolved; and the decision of the protagonist to separate his dependent bonds 'from his parents and all that has come before--the final physical separation, with the protagonist's leaving the divided family and sold home for college, several hundred miles away 4) the realization of the growth of a keen perception; and the growth of the dissembling questions which confuse and make chaotic the whole world of the protagonist--the protagonist's finding of love and the simultaneous reasoning out and answering of the numerous questions which have plagued him about the nature of the society in which -he is living and the nature of the life which has been given him--the dissolution of this love and the succeeding void which follows, filled only by an omnipresent internal grief and search for this that is lost ("Ah Druid, druid...I have grown nothing, knowing all") Visit with physical embodiment of this DOW sublimated love, which finally frees the protagonist psychologically and opens him completely for what may come in the future"--allowing him to cease his existence in a past and wholly internal world; the early,morning car accident returning from this visit, in ", which the protagonist miraculously is found alive--and the end


literature, novel


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