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George Capone, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Philosophy Dept.


Thomas Longstaff

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Yeager Hudson

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George S. Maier


In recent years, the Synoptic Problem has become an important focus of New Testament scholarship. The Two-Document Hypothesis, although still widely accepted as the solution, has recently been challenged by a variety of source hypotheses, most notably the Griesbach hypothesis. In effect, the Synoptic Problem has become an open question for an increasing number of scholars. This project analyzes four significant pericopae, the Empty Tomb Tradition, the Kingdom Parables Discourse, the Synoptic Apocalypse, and the Transfiguration Narrative, in an attempt to determine priority and dependence among the synoptic Gospels. The study does not presuppose a particular source theory, although it does evaluate specific ones when applicable. The aim of the study is to conduct an analysis of a limited but representative amount of synoptic material in order to develop a working hypothesis concerning synoptic relationships.


Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels -- Criticism, interpretation, etc

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