Women's quilts, women's lives: a study of historic Maine quilts and their makers

Susan Meyer, Colby College


The exhibit WOMEN'S QUILTS, WOMEN'S LIVES was an attempt to illuminate the lives of nineteenth-century Maine women through the study of the magnificent quilts they left behind. Quilting was a personal art; women included their everyday experiences in their quilts so that these quilts are not just displays of great skill and design knowledge but also statements about the lives of the artists. WOMEN'S QUILTS, WOMEN'S LIVES was an exhibit in the Colby College Museum of Art of twenty-seven Maine quilts and a quilting frame on loan from various Maine individuals, historical societies, and museums. The exhibit opened on April 26, 1981 and ran through June 14, 1981. The accompanying catalog has an introduction and information on each quilt and its artist.