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Warren H. Kelly, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Latin American Studies Program




The primary motive for the literature and the philosophy of Latin America that I have gathered together in this paper is a desire to dis-cover (uncover, encounter?) a cultural identity which reconciles the conflict between native and newcomer which has problematized the Latin American experience since the conquest. The method that contemporary Latin American philosophers employ towards this goal is one that questions what has been established as the "official" or "universal" history of the Americas. They sustain that this history is constructed from colonial interests, and have set to work identifying these interests and deconstructing their historical claims. This is what Latin America's authors, such as the indigenistas, have implicitly been doing all along. But instead of attempting to challenge "official history," (which could at times be life threatening), they emphasized the importance of intimate history, which vindicated the silenced lives of the scores of people excluded from "official history."


Latin American literature, liberation philosophy, cultural identity, Jose Maria Arguedas, Los rios profundos