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Miss Murphy's fifth grade students at Pleasant Street School enjoyed working on science projects which dealt with their favorite animals. It was suggested that the students bring in live animals, but after checking with the principal’s office Miss Murphy explained that th.1s was against the rules. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. except that the teacher announced that she would not be in school the next day. After school, the students plotted to sneak in their pets the next day and trick the substitute teacher. Everything went smoothly, and each child told the class about his pet. The animals were all unusual creatures, including a Tasmanian devil, a bongo, and sixteen others. The elderly substitute fell for the students' plan’s suspecting nothing. When school ended that Friday afternoon, the students ran off in such a hurry that five animals were left behind for the weekend. These pets proceeded to tear every classroom apart. On Monday morning the principal decided to teach the fifth graders a painful lesson. He called off school for-the day except for those in Miss Murphy’s class. Their punishment was to spend the whole day cleaning the mess which their pets had made.


illustration, children, literature

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