Richard Page


The past two semesters have been spent doing Senior Scholar work in oil painting under the tutelage of professor Abbott Meader. During previous semesters studying painting with Professor Meader, my work consisted of a series of paintings that could be loosely defined as semi-abstract. In these earlier works, the object matter was arranged and abstracted into paintings that had as their content, in a sense, design itself. During the past summer, my interests began to change. Developing mood and interaction within a painting became important. This led to an attempt to make paintings that explore the solidity of forms and the development of space, while at the same time using these forms in some manner of expressionism. The paintings done this year depicted lone figures in severe spaces, sometimes reacting to, or ignoring figures that are implied by shadows, or figures that are locked into their environments and bounded by them. Works completed this year will be part of a Senior Scholar exhibition in Bixler Art and Music Center.