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Kempton Mooney, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Art Dept.




In 1965, conceptual art as a term came into use, defining art with primary importance placed on the artists' propositional concept, de-emphasizing the manner of execution. Conceptual art as a popular phenomenon, known as conceptualism, had a profound impact upon the art world as a whole because it could manifest itself in any material or form. It brought forth issues concerning art as a commodity, what art could be, and art's role in society. It set out to shock the art community, to change the language of art, and to introduce a new way of perceiving and discussing art while challenging the museum and gallery establishment as well as traditional ideas of art, conceptual artists became widely popular. The notoriery of these artists led to conceptual art becoming a major trend, an institution similar to those it had first tried to challenge.


Art, Modern -- 20th century -- History, Conceptual art