Epidiascope: works

Elizabeth Krenicky


An epidiascope is an instrument used to project both clear and opaque objects, an instrument whose name I chose with the interest of physically and metaphorically displaying the properties of that opacity and translucency. I initially conceived of the project as creating a sculptural environment based on my living experiences, an environment that provides a mood or dreamlike reality for the viewer. I experimented with conceptual ideas and with various media in order to achieve that goal. After research, successful and unsuccessful experimentation with different media, and struggles to define my specific direction, I focused on addressing issues of identity. These issues range from taking the identity away from a shoe (by casting its negative space rather than the standard positive space in which it functions) to directly addressing the portrait and its role in the struggle to find individual identity. My work suggests a collective identity, rather than an individual one; I aim to question if the individual even exists.