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In May of 1990, Tilcon-Maine, Inc. submitted an application to mine gravel on the east side of Horse Point Road on Horse Point in the Town of Belgrade. The project site covers 46 acres and the proposed excavation covers 16 acres. An estimated 740,000 cubic yards of material will be removed over a period of six or seven years (Pfister, pers. comm.). According to Tilcon (Timson et al., 1990) the maximum depth of the pit will be 78 feet and the bottom of the pit will be a minimum of 6 feet above the water table. At the present time the application is on hold until Tilcon redesignates the buffer zones adjacent to Horse Point Road and makes other necessary changes. Tilcon can then resubmit their application for approval.

Our purpose was to complete a background study of the Horse Point area and an overview of the drainage basin in order that several significant biological and geological issues could be considered.


Publication Date: March 10, 1991

Date of Study: Fall 1990

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