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"This list of artists active in Maine in the twentieth century is the first publication of the Archives of Maine Art. It includes amateurs who have exhibited, professionals who have visited the state for longer or shorter periods as well as permanent residents. This list is the result of many exchanges of letters with organizations and with individuals. Thanks are herewith extended to all who have supplied information. In addition newspaper articles and exhibition catalogues have been consulted as they have been available. Although this list includes 1,000 names there is no certainty that it is a complete list of artists active in Maine from 1900-1963. Indeed it is here acknowledged that the list is incomplete and may well contain errors. It is, however, the first such list to have been compiled."

- From the introduction by William B. Miller, Director, Archives of Maine Art, Colby College, 1963

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Colby College


Waterville, Maine, USA


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"Artists have been listed alphabetically followed by the place in Maine where they have worked. The place name is not necessarily a current address. The letter P indicates 'Painter,' S for 'Sculptor,' G for 'Printmaker, draughtsman, illustrator,' and Ph for 'Photographer.' "

Artists Active in Maine in the Twentieth Century

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