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Juan Luna, Colby CollegeFollow

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Anthropology Dept.


Mary Beth Mills

Second Advisor

Suzanne Menair


A semi-autoethnographic piece that uses a radical transfeminist lens to interrogate hegemonic systems of gender and race in the Dominican Republic through the violence that Trans and Gender Nonconforming people face. While focusing on trans violence, this thesis explicitly turns its gaze away from Trans/Gender Nonconforming people and interrogates the state, cisnormativity, and gender conformity. This thesis explores how acoso visual (visual accosting) is a historically informed process that works to border trans/gender nonconformity out of the idea of Dominicanidad. Ultimately, this text reminds Trans/Gender Nonconforming individuals that they are not the reason for the transphobia that they experience, and urges cisgender individuals to question their agitations with Trans/Gender Nonconformity. Moreover, this thesis provides an articulation for the violence that Trans/Gender Nonconforming individuals experience.


Transgender, Dominican Republic, Cisgender, Gender Nonconforming, Latin America