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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Creative Writing Program


Michael Burke

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Thank you for being here, for reading this. Given that you’re here, I assume that you are a close friend, or a thesis advisor, or a relative, or maybe some nosy peer who just happened upon it, and found themselves curious. No judgement. I get it. I’d probably do the same to you, if it were your thesis, your heart, your soul, your memories on the page.

I wrote this because I wanted to. I wrote this because I knew it would be special for me, to get to unabashedly care about my writing and want to make it good, to produce something that would immutably hold my voice and mindset during a tumultuous and joyous and strange time. I knew that even if I never wrote again, I would always have this, and would always know that I’d finished something, that I saw something through. Maybe that’s depressing, and sad, that I needed an excuse, a grade, a product, to feel like I deserved to indulge in my writing, and reflecting, and loving as I have done here - but it’s the truth, at least in part.

I wrote this additionally, because I needed to. Had to. Writing has been the greatest gift during my last semester here, throughout my life really. It makes me feel grounded, and seen, and heard, and the pages that lie beyond this page have been no exception. Writing this has meant considering, truly, what I’ve become, and the experiences I’ve had that helped me get here.

Writing this helped me make peace with my impending absence from this campus, with the impending absence of some of the purest, kindest, brightest souls I’ve ever met from my life, or at least their physical absences - soon they won’t be living next door to me, or downstairs from me, or just up a street and over a bridge.

This project has helped me consider what my time here has meant, and how I can take what I’ve learned forward with me, and leave what needs some shedding behind.

I hope you like it.


Sophia Pelosi, Nonfiction, creative writing, memoir, colby college, thesis

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