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Jane Swart, Colby CollegeFollow

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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Biology Dept.


Dave Angelini

Second Advisor

S. Tariq Ahmad

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Allison Moloney


Regulation of organ growth and body size can be studied through examination of genetic signaling pathways during development. Due to their wing polyphenism, Jadera haematoloma are an interesting organism in which to study organ size regulation. Wing morph has been shown to be nutritionally dependent, suggesting regulation by insulin signaling. This study examines the role of insulin signaling in controlling Jadera reaction to nutrition. Activation of insulin signaling through manipulation of signaling components increases the frequency of short wings. The EGF pathway is involved in regulating wing size and wing vein specification. This study also examines the role of EGF signaling in wing morph determination as well as interactions between EGF and insulin signaling. Deactivation of the EGF pathway through RNAi increases the frequency of short wings. The EGF pathway is also shown to have a regulatory effect on insulin signaling. Suppression of EGF signaling appears to increase insulin signaling, though further experiments are required to determine the mechanism of this interaction.


allometry, development, wings, insulin, signaling, EGFR