Using Azahetercyclic Electrophiles to Synthesize Novel Bicyclooxacalixarenes and Oxacalix[2]Nhexylnaphthalimide[ 2]naphthyridines

Doug Rooke, Colby College

Document Type Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Various bicyclooxacalixarenes, tricyclooxacalixarenes and oxacalix[2]Nhexylnapthalimide[ 2]naphthyridines are synthesized via SNAr condensation. This research has involved synthesis optimization. The oxacalix[2]Nhexylnaphthalimide[ 2]naphthyridines have exhibited host-guest binding in fluorescence experiments. These compounds have been characterized by NMR spectroscopy as well as single crystal X-ray diffraction.