Towards the Synthesis of Biomimetic Tungsten Complexes

Eric Paul Bergh, Colby College

Document Type Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Functional model complexes for tungstoenzyme active sites are important to our understanding of the basic inorganic chemistry of the metal centers in an environment similar to that found in biological systems. Essential steps toward the synthesis of a functional model complex for the tungsten-containing enzyme Aldehyde Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase (AOR) have been performed. We report the successful synthesis and characterization of the ligand precursor biphenyl-2-mercapto-2' -mcrcapto-a1pha-para-xylene (LH). We also report the crystal structure of biphenyl-2,2'.disulfide, a compound used to synthesize the ligand precursor LH. A tungsten starting material, bis-(acetylacetonate) dioxo tungsten (VI) was also prepared. Immediate future work ",ill be the coordination of the ligand L to the tungsten(VI) metal center.