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Molly Nash, Colby CollegeFollow

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Education Program


Mark Tappan

Second Advisor

Tarja Raag


The environmental crisis will affect all people, career paths, and academic disciplines. Acknowledging this, does higher education have an obligation to educate all students for environmental literacy (EL)? This study reviews literature on how to effectively assess and implement EL initiatives and highlights how other colleges successfully nurture EL in all students. This study also uses quantitative and qualitative survey measures to understand student levels of EL at Colby College and to highlight specific programming or curriculum that leads to high EL levels in students. Findings include significantly different EL scores between environmental studies student respondents and respondents in all other disciplines. A combination of findings from the literature, analyses of quantitative survey results, and qualitative student responses inform the suggestions for Colby College presented in this research.


Environmental Literacy, Colby College, Environmental Education, Higher Education, Sustainability in High Education, Maine