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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Computer Science Dept.


Bruce Maxwell


A chatterbot is a computer program which emulates interactive human-like conversation in a limited knowledge domain. Currently, many chatterbots possess the learning ability to create a personalized conversation with users by asking specific questions. However, those bots usually take a fair amount of conversation to learn a user's personality. To solve this problem, we propose a chatterbot that can directly collect information from an online profile, such as Facebook. This project uses AIML, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language to build personalized chatter bot knowledge base from a user's Facebook profile and updates. A methodology will be explained to use a natural language processing system to automatically generate AIML knowledge bases from the personal information provided by Facebook. The method produces an effective chatterbot while minimizing training time.


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AIML, artificial intelligence, natural language, chatterbots