Date of Award


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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Anthropology Dept.


Mary Beth Mills

Second Advisor

Chandra Bhimull


This project tells the story of a group of anonymous activists at Colby College that I call 'The EDFC.' To tell the story of The EDFC I build a theory of activism that I call 'Interactivism as Anarchism' that reveals how certain structures and processes affect activism. My goals are to highlight the subjectivity of the members of the group, the creation of the collective, and the process of our activism in ways that reveal the broader implications that this group has on: 1) what makes activism effective, 2) what inhibits and incites activism at Colby, and 3) what does this model of activism allow and constrain. I want to interrogate what the very existence of the EDFC means about Colby as an institution. In this project I also strive to make sense of the activism of the EDFC in critical ways, asking ultimately if such a model is sustainable and how the EDFC was effective.


Anarchism, Activism, Anthropology, Art, Colby College

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