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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Global Studies Program


Patrice M. Franko

Second Advisor

Adam Howard


This project explores student perceptions of educational inequality in Santiago, Chile. Educational inequality in Santiago is statistically well documented; this study is novel in that it gives voice to the students. Despite a major emerging middle class, across all classes there is an overwhelming awareness of inequality. The results in this study are two-fold: not only do the diverse student experiences illustrate the stark divisions in the Chilean education system and society, but their experiences also demonstrate the development of a critical consciousness empowering students to act. Although there are limitations, student contributions to the ongoing conversation about inequality and education offer a pathway toward effective reform. As Chile’s society transitions away from a post-dictatorship society, students are actively demonstrating leadership and addressing societal norms that for so long have gone unquestioned.


Chile, education, social justice

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