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Laura E. Shufelt, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Religious Studies Dept.


Debra Campbell

Second Advisor

Larissa Taylor


This study began as a desire to understand my Presbyterian past. What do Presbyterians believe exactly and where did those beliefs originate? How has the Presbyterian Church changed over time? More importantly, though, the focus of this research will be on modern-day Presbyterianism with an in-depth study of one congregation. After a broad, yet thorough, look at Calvin's work and influence during the Reformation, and a general overview of the movement of the Presbyterian Church from Scotland to the United States and what the major influences on it have been, the main goal of this study will be to determine what is happening within the Presbyterian Church today. As the largest Presbyterian Church in New England, Noroton Presbyterian Church located in Darien, CT, will be the focal point of the study. Through interviews with congregation members, clergy, and members of the church's governing bodies, as well as examination of the church's mission, method of worship, and other aspects of church life, my intent is to explore and discover how relevant Calvin's legacy is to what goes on within the walls of the church as welt as within the minds of its membership.


Full-text unavailable. Contains interviews with no accompanying documentation of subject permissions.


Presbyterian Church, John Calvin, Protestantism, Noroton Presbyterian Church

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