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Jennifer Pope, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Global Studies Program


Patrice M. Franko

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Hank Gemery


While globalization benefits the world economy as a whole, there are negative repercussions. The worker of today is faced with increasingly open economy. As technology levels increase and structural shifts occur, unskilled workers are being hurt by the rise in competition. Governments must aid their citizenry to adapt to the changes in their economies, invoked by economic liberalization, trade expansion and integration, if the wheel of globalization is to continue on its path to complete international integration. Expansion of education and training programs will facilitate 'the adjustment process to sectoral shifts. The quicker a worker rejoins the labor market, the likelihood of social repercussions, such as uprising and strikes, diminishes. In addition, growth is needed to ensure the creation of good jobs; labor demand must equal labor supply. Most importantly, domestic policies must he sensitive to international markets to avoid excess costs to employment.


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globalisation, governments, world economy, employment effects, france, mexico