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Kyle Burke, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Computer Science Dept.


Marc L. Smith


The Tuple Space communication environment is plagued by the apparent ambiguity present in the predicate operations of Linda, the programming extension used to implement Tuple Space. It bas been shown that by using a method of reasoning which describes only sequentialized traces of events, it is unclear what a failed predicate operation actually means. Using an operational semantics model of Tuple Space, an analysis of the predicate operations using a description of events occurring simultaneously has disambiguated the meanings of the failure cases. Here an algebraic model is provided, using the Communicating Sequential Process (CSP) process algebra as a base. CSP has been extended already to describe parallel events, but a further extension is created here to allow a concrete system for reasoning about the failure cases important to us. The reasonings performed with these theoretical elements yield similar results to those of the operational semantics model. Under this analysis the meanings of the failures become clear, disambiguating the Linda predicate operations.


Computer programming, Parallel processing (Electronic computers), Programming languages (Electronic computers) -- Semantics, LINDA (Computer system), Algebra