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Joshua Lord, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Biology Dept.


David H. Firmage

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Catherine R. Bevier


Tectura testudinalis is a limpet that lives in the mid-intertidal zone along the coast of Maine and grazes on a variety of encrusting algae. A previous study asserted that T. testudinalis preferred to feed and rest on the encrusting alga Clathromorphum circumscriptum and that this species of limpet displayed homing behavior. However, I show that T. testudinalis does not home or return to any specific substrate while resting. Conclusive evidence was found for nocturnal movement. I show that C. circumscriptum was the preferred food source for this limpet, closely followed by Hildenbrandia rubra, another encrusting alga. Field and lab experiments showed that T. testudinalis individuals feed and search for food at night and then move to vertical surfaces and become stationary during the day.


Aquatic invertebrates, Behavior, Tortoiseshell limpet, Maine, Atlantic Coast Habitat selection

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