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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Biology Dept.


David H. Firmage

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Paul Greenwood

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W. Herbert Wilson


Microhabitat selection of the limpet Tectura testudinalis, an important grazer along the rocky Maine coast is examined using both mensurative and manipulative experiments. T. testudinalis substrate selection is essential to its survival in the unpredictable and harsh regime of the intertidal zone. At three sites studied in the Gulf of Maine, T. testudinalis selectively inhabits tidal pools and vertically oriented substrates. Both of these microhabitats reduce the degree of environmental stress (desiccation, extreme temperature, and hypersaline conditions) and predation experienced by individuals. Differences among sites are common, indicating the importance of varying environmental factors in regulating and influencing habitat selection in this species.


Tortoiseshell limpet, Habitat, Maine, Atlantic Coast, Habitat selection

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Biology Commons