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Gayle Pageau, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Chemistry Dept.


Julie T. Millard

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Shari U Dunham


HMG1 is a nonhistone chromosomal protein that binds preferentially to some types of globally modified DNA. HMG1 has been implicated in the cellular response to the anti-cancer agent cisplatin, functioning to block excision repair of specific distorted platinated DNA lesions and resulting in enhanced cytotoxicity. We have investigated whether other DNA-binding agents also produce lesions that are recognized by HMG1. Specifically, we used polyacrylamide gel shift assays to monitor the potential HMG1 binding of diepoxybutane interstrand cross-links, which have been suggested to induce DNA bending. We isolated the native protein from chicken erythrocytes and expressed engineered HMG domain proteins in E. coli. Preliminary studies support weak. binding of the HMG A domain protein to the cross-linked DNA oligomer.


Nucleoproteins -- Purification, Proteins -- Purification, Diepoxide DNA

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Chemistry Commons