Synthetic pathways towards natural products development of a general oxepane methodology

Evelyn Olivares

Document Type Dissertation/Thesis


Every time you turn around, you see a new article about the discovery and isolation of a new and structurally interesting natural product. In fact, there is a very small part of this world from which you could not find interesting and useful natural products. The role that they have in our everyday lives makes it important for us to study them and try to find new ways of making their bioactivity work for us. This is more important now when numerous antibiotics have become obsolete because of their over-use. Drug-resistant bacteria have become a major concern making the search for natural products more critical. For our research, we were concerned with specific natural products having a similar central ring structure. One in particular was zoapatanol. This oxepane diterpenoid was isolated from the leaves of the Mexican plant, zoapatle, which is a composite of Montanoa tomentosa .