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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Economics Dept.


Michael R. Donihue

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Findlay, David W.


This paper creates three demand equations for baseball attendance to determine the factors that affect spring training and regular season attendance. It also examines what effect the threat of contraction had on the Montreal Expos' and Minnesota Twins' attendance. Cross sectional models using data from the 2002 spring training and regular seasons are estimated and analyzed. A third panel data set model is also formed and examined. Results from the spring training and regular season models indicate that the two teams threatened to be eliminated witnessed lower attendance compared to the rest of the league. The panel data model's results reveal that although attendance was lower than the rest of the league in 2002, both teams witnessed an increase in spectators in comparison with the previous two years. While possible elimination and a successful season by Minnesota may have actually increased attendance relative to previous seasons, both teams still witnessed lower attendance than the rest of the league during 2002.


Baseball attendance -- Mathematical models, Sports -- Mathematics, Sports spectators -- Statistics

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