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Danielle S. TaylorFollow

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Biology Dept.


Joshua P. Martin


Mantis species have a variety of different morphologies, so do the extreme forms of mantis limbs trade prey catching capability for camouflage? We hypothesize that some extreme forms of mantis limbs that are associated with cryptic species may be associated with a tradeoff of the capability of those limbs. Previous research has developed 2D morphologies of several hundred species of mantises. We are creating a 3D morphology by using micro dissection, micro CT imaging to construct our 3D biomechanical model. We found the attachment points of the ligaments and muscles from a Tenodera forearm and have constructed a 2D biomechanical model.


Biology, Mantis, Tenodera sinensis, Biomechanics, Modeling, Micro CT