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Sofia ArleoFollow

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Latin American Studies Program


Ben Fallaw

Second Advisor

Winifred Tate


This thesis is an analysis of the relationship between people and clothing in Mexico City. Using ethnographic snapshots, local histories and scholarly research on used clothing, this thesis looks at how the economic and emotional value attached to second-hand clothing is determined by place, story and social identity. This thesis questions how clothing changes value as it travels between the United States, open air markets that have existed since the Aztec empire and curated second-hand and vintage stores in Roma Norte, one the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. Second-hand clothing is unique in that it has an added narrative from its previous owner and time period. These identities contribute to value given by both sellers and consumers. Finally, this thesis considers how race and class structure economic and social relationships within the network of second-hand clothing exchange. This thesis seeks to provide insight about the network of second-hand clothing exchange in Mexico City and encourage readers to consider their own contribution to clothing consumption and disposal.


second-hand clothing, vintage, value, tianguis

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