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Chris Zhu, Colby CollegeFollow

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Computer Science Dept.


Professor Ying Li


This paper introduces the preliminary background and implementation of the NFT sneaker marketplace. Specifically, we build sneaker NFTs on top of ERC-20 within the Ethereum network and use a top-to-bottom design mechanism. Our website performs well in its functionality, compatibility, and performance. We discuss possible future steps for security implementation. In particular, we recommend using a cold wallet for clients' transactions and implementing multi-signature contracts to avoid spoofing and repudiation. Introducing the sneaker NFT marketplace will vastly reduce the costs of transactions and delivery time in the physical sneaker marketplace. We hope investors in the physical asset space can find a faster, easier, and cheaper way to trade physical assets.


NFT Marketplace, Ethereum, Blockchain, NFT Minting, Smart Contract, Sneaker