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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Chemistry Dept.


Jeffrey L. Katz


Calix[n]arenes, cyclIc molecules composed of "n" benzene rings meta-linked by a methylene to form a macrocycle, are very prevalent jn the literature and enjoy a wide range of applications. However, the oxygen bridged and nitrogen bridged systems, oxacalllx[n)arenes and azacalix[n]arenes, respectively, are far less common because they are synthetically challenging. Furthermore, the selective synthesis of oxacalix[6]arene systems has not previously been well documented, but the systems can now be accessed in a facile approach disclosed here. The insight and knowledge gained from the synthesis of oxacalix{6]arenes has provided a foray into the synthesis of azacalix[nlarenes.


Calixarenes, Synthesis

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Chemistry Commons