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The Colby Environmental Assessment Team (CEAT) investigated the littoral zone of Great Pond in the Belgrade Lakes region of central Maine. Data collection occurred in September and October and analysis followed in October and November of 2010. Physical, biological, and chemical parameters were assessed to examine the impacts of shoreline development on the health of the littoral community. The littoral zone and adjacent riparian areas were sampled to allow comparison of aquatic and terrestrial parameters among different levels of shoreline development.


Date of Study: September through November 2010

Publication Date: 2010

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Impacts of Shoreline Development on the Littoral Zone of Great Pond Presentation

Great Pond Land Use and Watershed Poster_edited2.pptx (15300 kB)
Great Pond Watershed Land Use and Sample Sites Poster

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Public Presentation: Impacts of Shoreline Development on the Littoral Zone of Great Pond



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