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Grace Mountcastle Martin (1892-1968) was a member of the Department of Speech and Drama at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College in Stillwater, now known as Oklahoma State University, and married to its chair, David Martin. Through the department-sponsored lecture series, the Martins hosted many prominent writers, poets, and artists, with whom Mrs. Martin subsequently corresponded. She also received letters of introduction to a number of English authors and artists, whom she visited when she and her husband traveled abroad. Mrs. Martin also sent foodstuffs and other goods to many of her British friends during the rationing period during and after the second World War. The collection contains many letters dating 1959-1967 to Richard Cary of Colby Special Collections explaining Martin's correspondence to literary and artistic figures of the day, especially Sir Sydney Cockerell, some of the letters themselves, an unidentified letter of 1937, clippings, and a group of 34 postcards of the English countryside.



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