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1895 - 1944 and undated.




Alice Brown (12/5/1857 - 6/21/1948) was born in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. She graduated from Robinson Seminary in Exeter, N.H., in 1876, and taught in local schools for five years before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, to write full time. There, she wrote and did editorial work for the Christian Register, followed by The Youth's Companion, and published on average a book a year until 1935, continuing to write shorter works into the 1940s. Brown wrote novels, short stories, plays, and poetry, much of which focused on local New England settings. She also wrote biographies and travelogues. The bulk of the author's personal correspondence was destroyed at her wishes upon her death in 1948.

The collection contains letters (1895 - 1944) from Alice Brown to various correspondents, including some literary figures (Sarah Orne Jewett, Charles E. L. Wingate) and editors of publications (Boston Evening Transcript, Colby Library Quarterly). The collection also contains some First Appearances of the author's published work (Harper's Monthly magazine, The Youth's Companion).



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