Honors Theses from 2015


Behind the Missing Rib: The Five Stages of Grief, Johnna L. St. Cyr

Events from 2014

Subversive Content, Katherine Ackerman

Reading Excerpt, Andrew Bekenstein

Stranger Comforts, Drew Boulos

Los Gringos, Hayden Carpenter

One Happy Island, Danielle Daitch

Running, Claire Dickson

Undergrads, David DiNicola

Prairie Wolf, Oliver Dunne


Moon Jellies, Christina Garbarino

Learning How to Breathe, Ariella Gintzler

Counting Stars, Kimberly Johnson

Coke, Coke Zero, and Cheesecake, Andy Kang

Any One Will Do, Sarah Leathe

On With the Story, Chloe Marmet

On with the Story., Dana Merk-Wynne


On with the Story, Lisa Nehring

Flash Fiction, Frances Onyilagha

Death Forever Swooping, Emily Paulison

Don't Think Twice, Lev Pinkus

Kids, Hannah Schafer

Fine Land, Miia-Liisa Termonen

Driving Blind, Julie Toich

Waiting, Susan Weldner

Jim, Harrison Zhu

Honors Theses from 2012


Nine, Emily C. Stuart


Let Them Eat Cake, Courtney Yeager

Honors Theses from 2009


Tintinnabulation, A Collection of Poetry, Brookes W. Moody

Senior Scholars Papers from 2008


Comics as Commerce: The Graphic Novel, Consumer Culture, & Postmodern Theory, Hootie Giangreco

Honors Theses from 2007


In Any Weather : a Collection of Short Stories, Stephen J. Plocher

Senior Scholars Papers from 1999


Good Neighbors, Jamie Nash Yourdon