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In addition to the primary "True cost of coal" image, this project includes a written narrative (English, Spanish, and Dutch versions) intended to accompany the poster. It also includes a press kit with the following sections: "About the Project," "Reviews & Love Letters," "Press Releases & One Sheets," and "Frequently Asked Questions." These narratives, press kit, and their components are available for download within this record.

From the press kit: "The True Cost of Coal is a narrative illustration developed over 2 ½ years of interviews, discussions, story-tellings, and song-sharings between the Beehive Collective and community organizers, activists, and folks in the Appalachian Mountains whose lives and livelihoods have been impacted by coal and Mountaintop Removal mining (MTR), one of the most devastating environmental catastrophes of our times." It is a complex, large-scale black-and-white poster showing the effects of the mountaintop removal method of coal extraction in Appalachia, with particular emphasis on how mountaintop removal mining affects human communities and the natural world.


Coal mines and mining -- Environmental aspects -- Posters; Climatic changes -- Posters; Global warming -- Posters; Politics in art; Social justice -- Posters; Narrative art; Storytelling in art; Artistic collaboration; Environmental posters; Pictures


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Colby's Special Collections & Archives holds two (2) physical copies of this poster: The physical collection does not include supplemental materials (press kit, narrative, ppt, workshop fliers) (

True cost of coal



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