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Maine’s big game are harvested each year all across the state. Hunters have relished the opportunity to bag a deer, moose or bear for years and this project sought to find the best location to hunt if someone wanted to harvest each species. Using 2016 harvest data, the locations of these successful hunts were mapped and then combined to create an overall ranking. This combined data was put into RStudio and analyzed to explore the significance of the data. No significant results were found at the township scale, but analysis of Wildlife Management Districts yielded a result that Wildlife Management District 14 was significantly better for hunting all three species than the least productive districts.

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Colby College Geology Major, Environmental Studies Minor Class of 2019.

Source Data Note

Maine Office of GIS, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife


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Big Game Harvests in Maine Iain Kurry ES212.pdf (382 kB)
Colby Liberal Arts Symposium Poster



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