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This map shows the vernal pool distribution in Maine, divided into 3 size categories. Maine’s 9 largest cities by household number were included as vernal pools are often reported by landowners. The county lines and labels were also included for positioning purposes. A hillshade layer was added to show the relative reflection of elevation and the scarcity of vernal pools in higher elevations. A polygon type water layer was included to show the water sources of Maine and their relative proximity to vernal pools. Only the 10 largest lakes by area size in Maine were labeled for readability purposes.

All data for this map was published by the Maine Office of GIS and Colby College and projected using the NAD83 UTM Zone 19N coordinate system. Specific layers include a hillshade layer, a polygon water layer, a Maine GIS provided vernal pool layer, a Maine city layer. All the labels were formatted in layout view by converting graphics to annotations. The labels for the lake systems were created by using specific SQL criteria and were formatted to fit the shapes of the system.


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