Abstract or Description

This map displays four classes of land cover: developed land, crop and farmland, forests, and other land cover in Maine. It also displays lakes/water bodies and deer wintering areas, and includes county boundaries. Features a MELCD_2004_Landcover layer, reclassified into 4 simple groups using the reclassify tool in ArcToolbox’s spatial analyst options. The lake layer is labelled, and the labels have been converted to annotations.

About the Author

Joanna Keel '19 is a Colby College student who took Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing in the Spring of 2017. As an Environmental Policy major, she is interested in how GIS maps can be used to identify potential environmental problems. The purpose of this map is to understand where deer wintering areas are in relation to water bodies, and what types of land cover most frequently coincide with these areas (developed/agricultural/forest/other).

Source Data Note

Projected Coordinate System : NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_19N

Projection : Transverse Mercator

County Boundaries: Maine Office of GIS

Deer Wintering Areas: Maine Office of GIS

Land Cover: Maine Office of GIS

Water Bodies: Environmental System Research Institute


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